Paleo Cookup Play by Play


Three weeks into Whole 30, we were quite tired of our simple meals of roasted root veggies, baked squash, boc choy and chicken breast. We needed more flavor. We needed more variety. We needed beef! So, instead of heading to Taco Bell (it was looking very attractive to my husband), the kids and I visited some of the top sites for paleo eats and settled on some tasty recipes. So, the next week we tried them and all but one was something that we wanted to eat again. Having tasty foods to fill our plates was great, but I still had a problem – I was in the kitchen about 3-4 hours a day preparing one-hundred percent of our meals! My husband, Daddy D, offered to help and I knew that I could get the kids to come in and do something, but is was so disorganized and turned out to be not so helpful after all. I developed a plan, however.

We have been happy with our breakfast each day, which does not changed much from day to day. I decided to continue to prepare the same breakfast each day. I chose seven supper recipes which I would double to have enough for lunch the next day. I made a list, starting with the day after I grocery shopped and I alternated the recipes between beef and chicken, so each day would have beef for one meal and chicken for another. One day did end up being all beef.

On 3×5 cards I wrote each recipe doubled or tripled, so I would not have to make conversion on cookup day. I also wanted it for the kids so they could just read what to do and I added notes or tidbits that I knew would be useful to them. I wrote recipes from boiling eggs to stir-fry.

With my recipes in hand, I made a list of how much of each ingredient I needed, so I could chop, mince or slice enough at one time for al the recipes. I then made a list of the stations that I’d need for each recipe – how many needed the food processor, the oven, the chopping board, etc. Taking into consideration the use of as many stations at once and the general order of the recipes I created a play-by-play for a cookup.

The play-by-play helps me to get an incredible amount of work done in a short amount of time, as well as allows me to get the kids involved.

After working all day Sunday on the play-by-play and putting together a grocery list, the kids and I embarked on our adventure this week and they spent about 3 hours cooking ( I had a total of 9, plus some the net day!). We did not get all 7 recipes done, but we sure accomplished a lot. I made notes of future improvements and plan to allow more time next week and get all recipes and breakfast completed in one day!


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